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The Problem

Disparate Apps, Fragmented Data Sources<br><br>
Disparate Apps, Fragmented Data Sources

Connecting to disparate SaaS apps & data warehouses, with constantly evolving interfaces, is time consuming and challenging

Manual, Spreadsheet Based Process<br><br>
Manual, Spreadsheet Based Process

Manipulating data in a spreadsheet is easy, but leads to manual workflows and processes that are not reliable or repeatable.

Lot of Analysis, No Actionability<br><br>
Lot of Analysis, No Actionability

Spreadsheets & Slack are great for analysis and communication, but do not drive actions at scale by your teams

The Solution

Immersa connects to any spreadsheet, SaaS application or data warehouse with a simple point and click. Instantly connect, combine and curate data from two or more data sources, without having to write code. Apply business logic to turn data into intelligence, and intelligence to actions that drive business outcomes. Send these actions to your sales or service team in their CRM of choice and rapidly automate workflows

Data Automation Platform for Business Users

  • Start with pre-built plays, or quickly define your own
  • Apply business logic in a ‘spreadsheet-simple’ format
  • Drive actions at scale in every users flow of work
  • Account for data governance, privacy and security requirements

  • How it works

  • Choose a play and pull data from relevant data sources
  • Manipulate data in a simple spreadsheet-like format
  • Send prioritized actions to field users in their CRM of choice
  • Trigger Slack, eMail notifications or directly sync to Salesforce
  • Automate data workflows reliably & repeatably to every user

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